Hakim Pharmaceutical Company

Hakim Pharmaceutical Company, formerly known as Iran Le Petit, was established in 1962 in Tehran.

This company, has continuously experienced growth and expansion during 5 decades. Currently, Hakim is capable of manufacturing various dosage forms such as: coated and uncoated tablets, effervescent tablets, hard gelatin capsules, soft gelatin capsules, oral drops, syrups, oral suspensions, topical solutions, topical gels, topical creams and ointments. Hakim is continuously increasing its production capacities and is currently engaged in updating its sensitive laboratory equipments.

Long term mission of Hakim's management is always emphasized on commitment to public health manifested by an effective and efficient drug treatment strategy within the options available in patient care. Through research and development, Hakim is striving for excellence and preparing itself for the new challenges of the increasingly global market.


Hakim's mission statement guides us towards two major goals for the second decade of 21st century:

1- Preparation of safer and more efficient drug delivery systems with an affordable price.

2- Enhancing the quality of the present formulation more to enhance patient´s compliance formulation (taste masking, preparation of extended release formulation, preparation of enterically coated tablets and so on).

Hakim has established a scientific link with major pharmaceutical, engineering and medical schools in the nation. We have gathered a professional formulation team along with a brand new laboratory as part of our efforts to support our quality. In the coming years, Hakim is planning to move to a more modern factory to ensure that our activities can meet the cGMP, and the high standards that has been set by our share-holders towards our valued.